Terms and Conditions for Bookingabus.com

Terms of use of the site

Terms of use of the site Bookingabus.com (hereinafter “Website”) describes the terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms & Conditions”) which covers the services provided by Bookingabus.com. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully before using the Bookingabus.com, Website or placing a reservation. Use of the Website implies acceptance without reservation to the Terms & Conditions, and the importance that the Terms & Conditions have been read and fully understood cannot be emphasized enough.

1. Terms and definitions

1.1. Please note that once an order has been placed and your payment has been processed, you are not entitled to receive a refund. The 14 days right of withdrawal from contract initiation according to the Danish consumer agreement law (‘forbrugeraftalelov’) does not apply when you purchase services from Bookingabus.com as this concerns passenger transportation in accordance with 'DIRECTIVE 2011/83/EU OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL'

1.2. When placing an order you accept and approve the existing cancellation and no-show policies valid for the current bus company, as well as the Terms & Conditions for Bookingabus.com. The general cancellation and no-show policies can be found for each bus company on our website under each proposed offer and also during the reservation process and in a link in your e-mail confirmation. Please note that certain prices and offers do not include an option for changes or cancellations. Please read all available bus information carefully for further terms before completing an order.

1.3. If you wish to see, change or cancel a reservation (if this is an order which can be cancelled), we refer to the e-mail confirmation as well as the conditions of the bus company. Please note that you could be charged a cancellation fee in accordance with the cancellation and no-show policy of the bus company in question. We strongly recommend that you carefully read these cancellation and no-show policies for the specific bus company before placing an order.

1.4. You can rent a bus with or without the option of cancellation

  • 1.4.1. If you have rented a bus and been charged a cancellation fee, you will not receive a refund in case of cancellation and/or changes, as the fee covers the expenses of Bookingabus.com and the bus company in connection with making an offer, confirming an offer, issuing an invoice/receipt and cancellation. The cancellation fee will only be refunded if covered by the exceptions mentioned in paragraph 16.4 and 16.5.

  • 1.4.2. If you have rented a bus which cannot be cancelled, either by choosing a non cancellable offer or by renting a bus with a rent period commencing in 14 days or less, you will be charged the full amount and a refund is not possible unless the exceptions mentioned in paragraph 16.4 and 16.5 are met. If the cancellation and no-show policy of the bus company states that it is possible to cancel a reservation, this policy is not valid if the confirmation from Bookingabus.com states otherwise.

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2. Introduction

2.1. Bookingabus.com is based in Unit 1 Sandy Farm, Sands Rd, The Sands, Farnham GU10 1PX, United Kingdom.

The VAT number for Bookingabus.com is DK 35 04 35 86.

2.2. No action on the website shall be seen as acceptance of other terms and conditions, than those specified by Bookingabus.com. Accept of services or a contract signature will be viewed as conclusive evidence of your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Bookingabus.com can change the Terms & Conditions at any given time, and the customer is advised to keep an eye on the Website for the current Terms & Conditions. Your reservation of bus/busses and payment hereof is subject to the Websites Terms & Conditions, as well as the current conditions for the local bus company and the corresponding laws in the country where the rental takes place. Individual limitations may also apply for your reservation.

2.3. You will be provided with a bus and a bus driver, either directly from Bookingabus.com or from us as an agent, depending on our cooperation with the particular bus company. The bus may only be operated by the driver/drivers assigned either by us or by our agent.

2.4. These Terms & Conditions applies to any reservations made online, via telephone, via the chat function or via any other contact with Bookingabus.com, so please make sure you know the extent of the Terms & Conditions. Exceptions and limitations of responsibility is included in the Terms & Conditions for Bookingabus.com and for the bus company.

3. Placing and processing of a reservation

3.1. When choosing between offers based on your search criteria, you will have the option to place a reservation by clicking the ‘Book now’-button. Please note that you must make sure that all entered information is correct before proceeding, as information and mistakes cannot be corrected after pressing the ‘Book now’-button.

3.2. You will be charged with an administration fee for changes made after placing your reservation.

3.3. Once a reservation has been placed, Bookingabus.com will immediately begin to process it, and you will receive a reservation confirmation, to documentation the agreement made. Before the due amount has been paid, your reservation confirmation is not binding for Bookingabus.com and/or the bus company.

  • 3.3.1. When paying with a credit card, Bookingabus.com will withdraw or reserve the amount on your card, and you will receive an order confirmation that your order has been received and is being processed.

  • 3.3.2. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive an order confirmation once we have registered your payment. We only process bank transfers once a day on week days; therefore it may take several days for you to receive the final order confirmation.

    3.3.3. If you wish to use a discount code in connection with your reservation, then it is only possible to use one gift card per reservation. Thus, you can not combine or use multiple discount codes at once.

3.4. Please note that when processing payments and transactions, delays can occur – if you are paying with a credit card, it can take up to 60 days for the payment to be withdrawn from your account.

3.5. When placing a reservation without paying, we are not obligated to provide our services, however your obligation to pay will not terminate if a cancellation has not been made in time.

3.6. Please be advised that you will not have a valid contract for your reservation at the offered price, until your reservation has been confirmed and the full amount paid.

3.7. Please be advised that the contract will be with the person placing the reservation and that all communication will be sent to this person, regardless of the fact that another party may be paying.

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4. Important information

4.1. The order confirmation must be presented to the bus company when the bus arrives at the pick-up location. Bookingabus.com is not responsible if failure to present an order confirmation results in the customer being turned away by the bus company.

4.2. Bookingabus.com cannot be held responsible for any extra expenses which have been signed for and accepted locally.

4.3. Bookingabus.com cannot be held responsible for drivers driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, purposely inflicted damages, reckless and irresponsible driving or off-road driving. You, the customer, will take full responsibility for these accusations and direct them towards the bus company. This list includes, but is not limited to, the above examples.

5. Obligations of agreement

5.1. The bus company is entitled to raise a claim to the customer, if the customer does not arrive to the agreed upon time in the contract and therefore generates a documented extra expense for the bus company. The size of the claim is a matter between the customer and the bus company and does not concern Bookingabus.com. The customer is encouraged to let Bookingabus.com and the bus company know of any delays and be advised if the delay will result in a financial claim or will be considered a ‘no-show’ (the bus was there on time, the customer was not, or the customer was not ready to departure on the agreed upon time) and/or demand a cancellation and a re-booking. If a pickup is not possible due to a force majeure (see paragraph 16.3), Bookingabus.com cannot be held responsible.

5.2.The bus company is entitled to raise a claim to the customer for any documented expenses caused by the customer in connection with the driving. These expenses includes, but are not limited to, the following list: tidying the bus, cleaning the bus, removal of garbage from the bus as well as vandalism in or on the bus.

5.3 The bus company or the present driver are entitled to reject the customer or any individual(s) if he/she finds that the individual may be a nuisance to him/her, safety or the bus.

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6. Access to the website

6.1. Bookingabus.com aims to keep our website available 24 hours a day, but are not responsible if the website is unavailable for a shorter or longer period of time.

6.2. Access to the Website can temporarily and without warning be interrupted.

6.3. Transferring information online is never completely safe, even though Bookingabus.com takes several measures to ensure your information’s safety, it cannot be guaranteed. Any transfer is therefore at your own risk.

7. Age and authorization

7.1. To place a reservation you need to be either 18 years of age and legal, authorized to do so by a company.

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8. Rental period/rate calculation

8.1. The rental period is viewed as a time-based price calculation between the start location and the final destination. The customer will be charged if the bus is required to wait, just like the customer will have to pay for the bus to drive to the pick-up location from its garage, and its return to garage from the final destination, as well as evening, rush hour or weekend fees which may apply. If the rental period extends over the driving and resting periods regulated by law, this expense will also be added to the final price.

8.2. Public road and ferry tolls are not included in the price, neither is the fees connected to international transportation as well as pick-up fees in airports and/or regulatory parking fees. Unless specified otherwise, these tolls and fees are paid by the customer directly to the bus company.

8.3. Trailers, car seats (not possible on all busses) and other extras may be available on demand, but not guaranteed. Unless otherwise specified, car seats and other extras will be paid directly by the customer to the bus company. Please contact either Bookingabus.com or the bus company for questions regarding this matter.

9. Early return/prolonged bus rental

9.1. The duration of your rental period is stated on your order confirmation. The confirmed booking price is based on the principles in paragraph 8. If you, the customer, wish to prolong your rental period after pick-up and you wish to return later than the already agreed upon time according to the order confirmation, the agreement for this will always be between you and the bus company. Bookingabus.com cannot provide a refund for any unused hours or days where the bus is not being used in the time period stated on the contract.

10. Changes/additions to a reservation made by the customer

10.1. Making changes to your reservation may influence the final price. Bookingabus.com should be contacted for any desired changes. In most cases it is possible to make changes to an existing reservation up until 14 days before the rental period commences. Situations may occur where bookings will need to be cancelled, rebooked with a new agreement and a possible administration fee added.

11. Documentation.

11.1. Under normal circumstances, you will receive the order confirmation no longer than 2 working days after payment has been received, if all required information has been provided. Please note that it may take longer to confirm a bus/busses which are ‘on demand’, in this case the customer will be contacted. Bookingabus.com cannot be held responsible for any fees which should be paid directly to the bus company, or if the customer fails to provide an order confirmation, receipt of payment or if the customer otherwise fail to provide the proper documentation at the pick-up location.

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12. Bus sizes and types

12.1. All busses has been approved to a specific maximum capacity of passengers. Bookingabus.com is not responsible if the bus does not match in size to the amount of passengers and luggage provided by customer. To establish the passenger capacity in the bus, we refer to your order confirmation, where the number of seats will be stated. Bookingabus.com is not responsible if a customer is turned away at the pick-up location due to the amount of passengers or luggage which exceeding the capacity for the specific bus type.

12.2. Bookingabus.com cannot guarantee specific bus makes or models. The model shown on the website and the order confirmation only serves as an example of a bus in the desired star category and can be changed to a similar or upgraded model.

12.3 Not all busses come with a large boot. Therefore it is important to state the amount luggage to make sure that the ordered bus can store this amount. This may require you to order a larger bus and/or use a trailer, which may increase the final price.

13. Complaints

13.1. If you are dissatisfied in any way about the standard of the bus at the pick-up location, you should immediately report this to Bookingabus.com and the bus company. If it is not immediately reported, it may prove difficult for Bookingabus.com to prove the standard/condition of the bus. You should contact our customer service department within 14 days of the expiration of the contract, if you are dissatisfied in any way or have any further questions regarding an already completed reservation.

14. Mechanical failures/accidents

14.1. In the event of engine problems, or if the bus has broken down, you must immediately contact the bus company. The bus company is required to provide alternative transportation. Loss as a result of this, is between the customer and the bus company.

15. Agent

15.1. Bookingabus.com serves as an agent for the bus companies, and your reservation is subject to conditions from the Bus Company in question, as well as laws and legislation in the state/country which the rental takes place in. You, the customer, is therefore subject to the Terms & Conditions set by both the Bus Company and Bookingabus.com. Bookingabus.com is not assuming responsibility and is not responsible for any loss, damages, delays or changes as a result of civil war, labor disputes, terrorism, nature and nuclear disasters, fire or extreme weather conditions, unavoidable technical transport problem, closing or overload of the roads, airports and harbors, cancellations of flights, trains or ferries/cruise ships and/or if the bus company goes bankrupt.

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16. Contract terms with Bookingabus.com

16.1. However you chose to place a reservation, its important as a customer to understand how and when a contract is formed. The technical requirements for forming a contract are as follows:

  • • When we provide offers on our website we invite the customer to purchase and take advantage of our offers, but the customer has not yet purchased anything before agreeing to purchase by pressing the ‘Book now’ button.

  • • The customer has offered to purchase a service once the offer has been approved and pressed ‘Book now’-button on our website. Bookingabus.com will accept this request and sent an order confirmation once we have received payment. When this is done, a binding contract between you and Bookingabus.com has been entered.

16.2. Bookingabus.com is responsible for any predictable loss the customer may have as a direct result of Bookingabus.com breaching the contract. Losses are viewed as predictable, if they could have been predicted by both customer and Bookingabus.com at the time an agreement was entered. Bookingabus.com is not responsible for any indirect loss which is a side effect to the main loss, or damage which could not have been predicted by either the customer or Bookingabus.com. Bookingabus.com is not responsible or limited to, loss of profit or possibilities, loss of goodwill or indirect loss, damages or expenses.

16.3. Bookingabus.com is not responsible for the bus company’s failure or delay to deliver the required services in accordance with a reservation, order confirmation, rental or Terms & Conditions, if and in case that the service is delayed or obstructed due to force majeure, which is deemed as an extraordinary situation, which the parties have no control over.

16.4. Bookingabus.com can in the event of force majeure terminate and cancel a reservation by giving a 3 days’ notice to the customers invoice address and provide a refund for all amounts paid before the force majeure occurred. In case of a bus company going bankrupt, Bookingabus.com has the right to cancel a reservation with short or no notice. In this case, Bookingabus.com will attempt to provide alternative transportation, but in certain periods with a high demand, this is not always possible. If the customer has made a prepaid reservation and Bookingabus.com informs the customer at least 2 days in advance, the customer will receive a full refund. If the customer has made a deposit reservation and Bookingabus.com informs the customer at least 7 days before the pick-up time, the customer will receive a full refund of the deposit.

16.5. Under rare circumstances it will be necessary for us or the bus company to make changes to your reservation before the pick-up time (after it has been accepted). In this case we will do our best to inform you of the changes as fast as possible and in reasonably time before the pick-up time. If you, the customer, cannot accept these changes, you will be offered a refund instead. If this is the case, we are no longer responsible for possible losses, caused either directly or indirectly as a result of these changes.

16.6Please note that it is the customers responsibility to inform Bookingabus.com of important changes in due time.

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