Who are Bookingabus?

We are an online bus rental company!
Our mission is simple: "We make bus rental easy"

Bookingabus.com is a company with international ambitions!

We don't understand why it has to be so difficult to rent a bus, when it's so easy to book flights, hotels or rental cars. In Bookingabus we aim to make it just as easy to find the price of a coach and bus hire, as when booking a flight or a rental car!

Bookingabus is 100% independent from all of our suppliers, We focus on helping both customers and suppliers to provide the best online coach and bus hire service for all trips! By providing quotes from multiple suppliers, we ensure that you receive the best options and desired quality. When you book on our platform, you are booking directly through the bus company.

Team Bookingabus - Gør leje af bus let!

We make bus rental easy

We work everyday to make it easier to rent buses!

The best suppliers

Bookingabus co-operate only with the best suppliers on the market!

Pay by credit card!

Make your bus rental even more easy - pay online by credit or debit card!

We always have buses available

Due to our many suppliers, we always have buses ready no matter what time or trip!

How Bookingabus makes bus rental easy!

It has always been Bookingabus' ambition to give you a unique experience where you can easily search for a trip, compare a list of buses and book your desired bus. Similarly, it should be possible for you to easily book any trip.

In 2015 we helped visitors to get prices for over 17,000 trips both in UK and Denmark. We can calculate over 96% of all trips and provide you with prices instantly. In 2015 over 90% of our customers were very satisfied with our services and we strive to deliver an even better service every year!

When Bookingabus was founded we spent the first 9 months developing our solution and went live at the end of 2013. We have strong financial partners, as we have SEED Capital A/S with DTU Symbion Innovation as co-investors. In June 2014 we were picked as one of 13 from 600 companies to participate in Accellerace Program for growth companies in Denmark. In January 2015 Bookingabus.com was voted by 175 investors to be the second best business idea at the 2015 Accelerace Investor Day.

Bookingabus.com was founded in 2013 by Hasse Eriksen and Lars Hylling Axelsson. Both Hasse and Lars has an educational background from CBS (Copenhagen Business School) and have for many years dealth with IT and business development. We are not trained in the coach and bus industry, but we have worked in the travel and accommodation industry.

Bus rental is easy - try it here!