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If you want to truly experience what it is to be in Scotland, then Aberdeen is a great place for that. Located in the northeast of Scotland, Aberdeen is considered by many as the perfect alternative destination for a getaway. This calm, yet very alive port city has something to offer to each and every one – from beautiful nature and amazing rustic architecture to vibrant cultural life and rich historical heritage. So no matter whether you want a romantic weekend, a relaxing vacation or just a friends’ getaway, Aberdeen is the place to be. If you have already packed your bags and are now wondering how to get to this beautiful place, we got you covered. Bookingabus.com offers the best prices for professional coach hire service that will get you to Aberdeen easily and comfortably. Call us at 0148 331 9133 and we will help you get the most out of your trip to this wonderful city and its picturesque surroundings.


Aberdeen is easily accessible by various types of transportation. Yet, hiring a coach is the most comfortable way to reach this beautiful place. Once you arrive in Aberdeen and get off the bus, one thing is clear – the amazing rustic grey buildings, authentic architecture and majestic sense of the city will give a significant boost to your initial impressions. Home to more than 260 castles and expansive green areas, Aberdeen and its surroundings will make you stop, stare and admire their unmeasured beauty. No matter whether you want to visit the two old towns, explore the city centre or reach a place, located near those 165 miles of beautiful and picturesque coasts, by hiring a coach you will save time and be mobile enough to explore everything you want. Check the offers at Bookingabus.com and make sure to get to Aberdeen as soon as possible. You will thank us later!


The one thing you should know about Aberdeen is that it offers a picturesque Scotland break like no other. With so much to see and experience, this city often makes it hard for tourists to decide where to start from. A good starting point is the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, where you will sense the rich maritime history and the striking beauty of the city and its surroundings. With more than 260 castles it may be a tough task to decide which of them to visit. A must-see castle is the Craigievar Castle, built with Jacobean woodwork from 1626. For the nature lovers, the coast or one of the numerous parks are a great place to stop, stare and relax. The Duthier Park with its indoor and outdoor gardens, for example, is a wonderful spot that you should make sure to visit. If you want to experience more of the historical heritage, then head to the St Machar’s Cathedral. For those of you who love visiting eerie places, the Toolbooth – a 17th century jail that is now turned into a museum is definitely the landmark that should top your list. If you are on a family trip and are looking for a place that everyone will love, then the Codonas Amusement Park is where you should go.


Aberdeen has so much to offer that it is often hard to shortlist the top places to visit. But what you should do first is clear – start planning your trip and hire a professional coach service to get you to and from Aberdeen. The amazing mix of cultural life, beautiful nature and historical heritage will make you fall in love with this place. And if they don’t, the 8 whiskey distilleries will surely do! So don’t waste your time, Aberdeen is there to be experienced. No matter whether you are visiting for a couple of days or a whole week, at the end of your trip, you will already be planning your return. Try Bookingabus.com’s professional coach hire service and we will take you there at the best prices you may find.

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