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Located in the heart of England, just two hours away from London, Bath is a city full of history, culture and exciting activities. Today, the place is considered as one of the perfect locations to go to if you want to taste the past, present and future of England. Short weekend visits and week-long trips, Bath won’t disappoint you and will keep you entertained throughout your whole stay. The most notable fact about Bath is that it is the home to the only natural thermal hot spring in whole Britain. If you are determined to visit the ancient Roman Baths and the thoroughly modern Thermae Bath Spa, then don’t waste time and start planning your trip. Visit to make the first step towards your amazing travel experience. Book your ticket online or call us at 0148 331 9133 to get the best prices and ensure the comfort of your trip.


Bath isn’t as big as other developed British cities, but it will surely make it hard for you to visit all its landmarks, no matter how long you decide to stay. It also is far from being a big industrial or an economical centre like Birmingham or London. Yet, it is easily accessible from each point within the UK. In order to kick-off your amazing travel experience, make sure to book your tickets in advance, as Bath is a hot tourist destination throughout the whole year. If you wonder what is the best way to get to and from Bath, the answer is – by a coach. That way, you will save time and get to Bath in a comfortable way. But before you hop on the bus to Bath, spend a few minutes to find out as much as possible for the main attractions of this beautiful city.


Bath is an amazing place for all types of activities, pleasure and relaxation. Its history dates back to Roman ages and has paved the way for its promising future and pulse of development. Today, Bath is a compact and friendly centre with plenty of eat-and-drink places, independent shops, cultural activities and historical landmarks. The city has a remarkable collection of galleries and museums, as well as social events such as sports, music, theatre and festivals throughout the whole year. If you are an architecture lover, then the Georgian-style buildings will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. If you want to experience Exeter to the full extent, then you should head for the nearby historical landmarks and enjoy the mysticism of Stonehenge or the picturesque beauty of the Logleat Safari Park and Avebury. When it comes to accommodation, then one thing is clear – Bath won’t disappoint you. To make you feel comfortable, the city offers everything from luxurious hotels, through cosy country cottages, to comfortable central apartments.


No matter whether you are visiting Bath for a day trip, a weekend or a week full of adventures, in the end, you will always feel that you want to spend more and more time and will surely want to get back. With all it has to offer, an amazing place like Bath will make you fall in love with it from the moment you arrive and start missing it the moment you leave. So one thing is clear – you will visit Bath more than once. And in order to make yourself comfortable for all your tips, make sure to check’s offers and get the best quotes for professional coach hire services. With a variety of affordable options that will take you to and from Bath, you have everything you need to feel comfortable and enjoy your trip.

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