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With a population of less than 250 000, it may seem to you that Brighton is that small place, where you won’t find so many interesting things to do. And here is where you will make a mistake. This calm city, yet very alive and breathing place, should be one of the stops on your list when exploring the diversity of the UK. Stacked with culture and notable English traditions, Brighton is a typical British seaside town, known for its dedication to all types of arts that even rivals London. Located in the South East region of England, Brighton is a colourful and vibrant city that will surely make you remember the days that you spend there. If you are ready to pack your bags and head to Brighton, the best way to do it is to hire a coach. Give a try and we won’t let you down. Call us on 0148 331 9133 and we will help you get the most out of your trip to this wonderful city and its picturesque surroundings.


If you are wondering how to organize your Brighton break, you will be surprised that the city is just an hour away from London. Hiring a coach will get you easily and comfortably to the South coast of England, while you are enjoying the beautiful nature and the picturesque sights on your way to Brighton. As soon as you step out of the bus, you will be able to smell the sea and feel inspired by the city’s energy and uniqueness. And once getting to the city centre, you will find out how compact, yet vibrant Brighton is. All that allows you to explore it both - by foot or by using public transport. You should not miss and getting intentionally lost in Brighton’s surroundings. The city villages, including Hove and Rottingdean are colourful, picturesque and traditional. So don’t waste your time, check and get to Brighton.


There is that one place where you should kick off your Brighton break – its seafront. There is no better way to connect with this city than taking a breath of fresh air around the Brighton Marina. If you are a whole family, then make sure to stroll down Brighton Pier where you will find amusements for members of all ages. For the music lovers, Brighton Dove is the place that will make you remember your time in the city with its unique Regency architecture and the variety of events that are hosted there throughout the whole year. If you want to get a taste of some art exhibitions, then make sure to stop by the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery. History lovers will also find their favourite place there, as Brighton’s past and present development is presented in an amazing way that will make you get familiar with the city instantaneously. And don’t forget the vintage shops on North Laine – the bustling street, located in Brighton’s heart. After you have crossed all Brighton by foot, make sure to experience the city’s beauty from above. Get on the British Airways i360 – a glass tower that will leave you speechless.


Brighton is here to be experienced. Start planning your trip to one of the most astonishing cities around the UK. With the amazing set of activities, mix of arts and history and traditional architecture, Brighton will surely make your time there unforgettable. No matter whether you are going for a whole week or just the weekend, you won’t even have a minute to feel uninspired by the city’s beauty, energy and soul. So pack your bags and get the first coach to Brighton. We will make sure to take you there comfortably and at the best prices you may find. All that is required from you is to enjoy your trip.

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