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If you have ever searched information about the most beautiful cities in the UK, you will most probably be familiar with Cambridge already. A place so majestic that you will wonder whether it is real or it is just a piece of a fairy tale. And apart from the fact that it is a home to one of the best universities in the world, there is not so much to suggest that the city is real at all. All it takes to fall in love with this place is just one look at its architecture and historical heritage. As soon as you get to Cambridge, you will sense that feeling of exploring a whole new universe – something unique even for the most experienced travellers. And now, after you are confident that you should not waste any more time, call us on 0148 331 9133, while you are packing your bags, and we will provide you with the best quotes for coach hire to and from Cambridge. With just a few clicks, will help you organize your trip and experience the magic of this city.


The last thing you want when planning your trip to Cambridge is to waste your time in long-lasting searches about the possible ways to get there. Seriously save your time and invest it elsewhere, because there is nothing better than spending a whole weekend walking across the city’s green areas or taking a relaxing drink near one of the university campuses mesmerizing buildings. So make sure to take the fastest transport to Cambridge and hire a coach that will take you right to the heart of the city. And it will be just after you get out of the bus, that you will get totally absorbed by the city’s magical uniqueness. Make sure to explore every corner of this place by foot and to use a coach to get to and from Cambridge. That way you will make sure that you have enough time to enjoy all this magical place has to offer.


The mesmerizing architecture and unique spirit are just a small part of Cambridge’s charms. When you get there, you may feel that the city has some must-sees on each and every corner. And that is right – in Cambridge there is no best place to start sightseeing. You can start from practically everywhere, as there is something to be seen on each and every step. For example – one of the most famous places in the city is The Backs, which is basically a large green area with a beautiful city passing through, located right behind the Cambridge University. If you prefer investing your time in art and culture exhibitions, then the city has so much to offer. Cambridge has beautiful museums and galleries in abundance, starting with the Fitzwilliam Museum, located in the heart of the city or the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Once you get there, you will feel inspired by the expansive exhibition area with fine arts, artefacts and new-age art works. Make sure to stop by the university’s Botanic Garden where you can have a lunch with your friends and family.


No matter what time of the year it is, Cambridge worth visiting as it is a city for all seasons. So, instead of wasting your precious time on trying to get to and from Cambridge, why don’t you just focus on the historical heritage of Cambridge? From the Ely Cathedral, to the 15th-century Church of St. Mary and the Anglesey Abbey – all these and many other historical landmarks are there to be explored. So stop by and find competitively priced coach hire services that will get you to and from Cambridge easily and comfortably.

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