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Chester is usually not the first place that comes to mind when considering a trip around the UK. But once you have visited it, you will start recommending it to your friends as it is a wonderful destination to spend your weekend. Located just a stone’s throw from the Wales Coast Path, Chester is a captivating city that combines modern culture with ancient history, thus creating a stunning atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. What you will find unique for this city is the fact that it is surrounded almost entirely by ancient walls. A place where Romans, Vikings and Normans have passed through and left their unique signature, Chester is full of amazing landmarks to explore. And if you wonder how to get near the Welsh border, do not worry – just call us on 0148 331 9133 or visit and you will find the answer – professional coach hire service at the best rates.


Hiring a coach to get you to and from Chester is the best way to begin your journey towards a great travel experience. Chester is a city that breaths history on each and every corner and the best way to explore that is to book a bus as soon as possible. From its vibrant city centre, to the outskirts of the city, Chester is an amazing destination that will leave you with so much great memories that you will want to share with everyone. Once you step out of the bus, you will feel the greatness of this place – from the most complete city walls, to the 1000-year old Cathedral with Europe’s finest examples of medieval carvings, you will wonder why you haven’t got there earlier. If you are still not convinced that this city is worth a visit, just jump on the next paragraph to get familiar with all the amazing must-see landmarks there that will surely make you buy buss tickets instantaneously.


Attention, history lovers – this place is for you! But not only – anyone who wants to spend a calm, yet inspiring weekend should put Chester on their list. Founded as a Roman fortress and getting its city status as early as 1541, Chester has established itself as the place where traditional, charming English culture meets with ancient architecture and historical landmarks to create one mesmerizing environment. Chester is the home of the oldest racecourse and the largest Roman Amphitheatre in Britain. It also has the 700-year old Rows galleries and numerous museums, such as the Grosvenor Museum which is one of the major ones around town. But Chester is not only history. Chester is a modern city that offers amazing shopping experience, vibrant coffee culture and high-quality restaurants. No matter whether you are visiting with your kids or with friends, there is one place that you should not miss – the Chester Zoo. Currently it is the most visited UK attraction outside London, home to more than 20 000 animals from 500 species.

COACH HIRE TO CHESTER takes care of your transportation to and from Chester. What you should focus on is to not miss something from all the things this city has to offer. And the one thing that you should not afford to miss is to have a walk across the long footpath, running long the cost of Wales - Wales Coat Path. Whatever you choose – to get lost in the city’s outskirts or to join the crowd in the centre, you won’t be disappointed as Chester will leave with the feeling of a weekend well spent. Your memorable moments there are guaranteed. All you have to do is visit and take advantage of our professional coach hire service.

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