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There are a lot of different coach types, which fit different needs. Generally a coach can be split into multiple categories, but based just on the size of the coach, then there are four categories: mini bus, midi coach, tourist coach and finally double-decker.

We have many partners with a wide variety of vehicles, so we would always be able to find a coach to suit your needs no matter what the size of your group is.

Comfortable seating, toilet, aircondition are standard features of some the coaches available from our partners at Bookingabus. You will also be able to find coaches with an extra large luggage capacity, perfect for holiday transfers.

A minibus is usually between 9-18 seats + the driver. Some minibuses have a wheelchair lift or accessible ramp. You would also be able to find smaller people carriers in this category, which can seat 7 or 8 passengers. Typically there are no toilets on these coaches, but some big midi coaches can have this option. The minibuses are great for short distance trips or airport transfers.

If you are a smaller group and you have to go on a trip, or have a small company trip, minibuses are just for you. Minibuses are designed so that passengers are able to talk to each other while having a great view of the road and the surroundings.

Mini coaches can seat from 12 to 19 personas, and therefore you would be able to fit into roads which a bigger coach cannot. For that reason the mini coach is a great fit for smaller groups.


Double-decker coaches are the perfect fit if you are a big group that needs to go on a trip. Their capacity is between 70-100 persons, and if you are more then we can arrange multiple coaches.

No matter if your famility has a party, the company is going on a trip, or any other occasion, then the double-decker gives you a great option to cater for a big group.

As the double deckers are the biggest, they usually come with the most features, VIP double deckers have a lot of home comforts such as toilet, TV screens and speakers, tables, air-conditioning, etc. Sleeper buses are also very suitable for longer trips, where you can sleep during the trip and don't have to worry about hotels.

VIP coaches are traditional tourist coaches, but they are equipped with the best features and upgrades. Luxury seating, more room, better tables, USB charging and in general a overall better experience.

The VIP coaches are furnished with leather seats, to make your trip as comfortable as possible. In general the VIP coach is the best type of coach available in the market, and you will not find a better fit if you need a great driving experience.

Vipbus set indefra

A conference coach is equipped with facilities that makes it ideal for having meetings on the go. There are tables, chairs, screens and chargers. Some even offer Wi-Fi on request. This makes them perfect for having group meetins on the coach.

Some of the coaches are also furnished with sofas in the back of the coach. Therefore you can use the bus for your meeting but to also relax with a coffee afterwards.

Læder sofa i en VIP bus

Are you going on a trip in the UK, or travelling abroad, then a tourist coach is the obvious fit for you. We at are experts in tourist coaches, and can recommend the best one for you!

Big coaches/tourist coaches usually range between 25-60 seats They always offer a lot of comfort and are suitable for most types of trips.

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