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Big events mean lots of people, if you need to transport 70 to 100 people in comfort, you need a double decker bus.

Don't worry about the driving, the route or anything else, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride with your guests in a spacious double decker tourist coach from

Dobbeltdækker holder parkeret på plads i det danskesommer vejr!

How to pick the right double-decker!

Double decker coaches can come in a few different varieties from basic layouts to executive vehicles with tables and USB charging points to luxury vehicles with sofas and refreshments.

Whether your double decker is for a school trip, party, group transport, business meeting or just getting from A to B in comfort, we can find a perfect double decker to suit your needs, just let us know what you want and we can find you a perfect match.

Dubbeltdækker plan

Double-Decker coaches for rent

Anchersen ApS

Anchersen ApS

Danish haulier

79 persons Setra — 11110

Hirtshals Hjørring Busservice

Hirtshals Hjørring Busservice

Danish haulier

73 people Neoplan double-decker — 11110

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Rent a double-decker easy and quickly

If you have a very large group who want to travel together, the rent of a double decker coach is the perfect choice. Are you a large group of colleagues, or are you going to have the whole family and in-laws at your next double-decker trip? On you can find a range of prices for double deckers. Double-decker coaches have a capacity of 60 people to 100 people in the largest! Some coaches are equipped with table groups for the bottom and seat rails at the top.

Dubbeltdækker holder klar ved bakken

From A to B in the best comfort

Why rent a double-decker coach, rather than an ordinary tourist coach next time you go for a trip? In a double deck there is room for big arm movements, and comfort is at the top of all our coaches. The price and type of a double-decker coach can be found easily under 'Coach Hire'. Once you know where to go and when, you can easily, quickly and fairly free click on a number of non-binding offers on

4 x 4 sæders indretning i underetagsen i en dobbeltdækkerneren