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If you haven’t heard about Inverness, then now is the time to correct that mistake and get familiar with this mesmerizing destination. A small, yet strikingly beautiful city, Inverness is located on the picturesque River Ness and is known as Scotland’s ‘Highland Capital’. With a population of less than 60 000, this city tops the list of the perfect destinations if you want a relaxing and calm weekend away from the busy city life. Yet, thanks to its amazingly beautiful nature and rich historical heritage, nowadays Inverness is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Scotland. And getting to Inverness has never been easier. offers coach hire at perfect rates and provides all you need in order to ease your trip and enjoy the city’s beauty and uniqueness. Call us on 0148 331 9133 and make the first steps towards your Inverness experience.


Nowadays, tourism plays a big part in Inverness’s economy. The city is now rapidly growing thanks to the nearby airport and its communicative location in the Highlands. Yet, one of the most preferred ways to get to Inverness remains the coach. Taking advantage of professional coach hire services guarantees you an amazingly picturesque trip that will energize you as soon as you sit on the bus. By passing through Inverness’s surroundings and the Highlands, you will witness plenty of places that your camera will fall in love with. And just wait to get to Inverness’s centre. The city is both cultural and creative, which provides you with the amazing opportunity to find whatever you are looking for. So hop on the first bus and start making your ‘Must-sees in Inverness’ list. We promise, apart from Nessie, there are plenty of other things to see.


The fact that Inverness is located just 30 minutes away from Loch Ness, already tells you the main reason why it is so widely popular among tourists. The truth is that the Loch Ness lake is a wonderful place to spend a relaxing afternoon. The hills, surrounding the lake, as well as the Urquhart Castle will leave you breathless and the fresh air will energize you enough to get back to the city centre and start exploring its secret gems. The Inverness Museum and the local Art Gallery are perfect places to start your city adventure. After you get the needed dose of culture, it is time to stop, stare and admire some beautiful architecture – the Old High Church. Make sure to do it from across the river at sunset. You will thank us later. You should also make sure to stop by the tropical gardens at Inverness Floral Hall. And before you leave, make sure to head to the Ness Islands. With their beautiful bridges and abundance of wildlife, they are an amazing place to experience the freedom and mesmerizing beauty of these lands.


Inverness is a pure gem that everyone should explore, whenever he gets a chance. Thanks to the amazingly good combination of rich history, new-age culture, mesmerizing nature and friendly atmosphere, this city is destined to become a top tourist destination for visitors from all across the world. So make sure to visit it at least once - no matter whether it is just for a weekend or a whole week, Inverness will entertain you during your whole stay. So get a pen and start writing down the places you want to visit in the city and within its surroundings. Take advantage of’s high-quality coach hire service and ensure an affordable, comfortable and stress-free trip to Inverness.

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