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Nestled in the heart of England’s East Anglia region, Norwich is one of those places where you can feel the authentic vibe of the country. The best thing about this city is that its noticeable separation from the spreading sameness of other English cities has highlighted its own uniqueness. From Middle Ages, right to the rise of the Industrial Revolution, Norwich has been the second biggest and one of the most important cities in the country. Thanks to its rich history and recent development, Norwich has established itself as one of those places where you can find all that is needed for a perfect vacation or a relaxing weekend. And the first step to getting there is’s professional coach hire service. In order to ensure the comfort of your transportation, just call us at 0148 331 9133 and we will provide you with competitive prices and high-quality professional service.


Located 100 miles away from London, on the River Wensum and just a stone’s throw from the Norfolk Broads, Norwich is easily accessible by bus or other types of transportation. Once you get to the centre of Norwich and hop out of the coach, you should make the choice to explore the city either by foot or by bus. No matter what you choose, one thing is clear – all the amazing museums, food, art, architecture and captivating stories will entertain you during your whole stay. This vibrant university city will reveal to you where an unrivalled collection of heritage landmarks, spanning 1,000 years of history, blends beautifully with striking 21st-century architecture. The unique atmosphere, the city’s characteristics - compact enough to make you feel at home in days, but with enough sights, and all the local delights and cultural vibrancy will surpass all your expectations. Get the first bus to Norwich and experience as much as possible. Now let’s dive in the city’s must-sees and help you plan your journey.


Before heading to the local Cathedral, most visitor’s journey usually starts at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Apart from these unique places, the Norwich Market is another spot that you should not miss. And after you have picked up some bargains, it is time to head to the city centre. Stacked with restaurants, bars and pubs, the central area is the place to taste delicious food and dive into the local culture. If you are on a family trip, then the Eaton Park Miniature Railway should be a focal point of your journey plan. And when you stop feeling your legs because of all the sightseeing, just head to one of the large open spaces and green areas – the main reasons why Norwich tops most of the other UK cities. The Plantation Garden, for example, is a mesmerizing Victorian-style town garden and the best place to sit and get a relaxing break. If you need more of that, then head to the Whitlingham Country Park, where the River Yare runs, for an energizing walk, before getting back to the city centre. With all those places and much more, Norwich is full of amazing spots and hidden gems that are there to be explored.


Apart from the historical heritage, rich cultural life and picturesque nature, Norwich’s bustling nightlife is also worth exploring. Traditional pubs, live music, pulsating clubs with modern DJs, as well as casual wine bars and restaurants – you will be surprised how different and alive Norwich becomes at night. And the easiest and most comfortable way to explore this part of England starts here - at With our professional coach hire service, you will get all the perks of a good travel experience at affordable prices. Book your tickets and immerse yourself in Norwich’s rich cultural and historical heritage. You will love it!

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