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If you have visited Oxford before, you will be completely aware of the three main things that define this city – culture, beauty and… magic! If you haven’t visited Oxford yet, well you have just found out the reasons why you will want do it as soon as possible. On a serious note, there is no other place like Oxford in the whole UK. People who decide to visit Oxford usually are well equipped with a list of top landmarks and places worth seeing, GPS and a camera. But once they get there, all they do is stop and stare. And take photos of course. That is how magical Oxford is. You would love to get lost and forget about your initial plans. Just stare and admire the uniqueness of this place. So don’t waste any more time and get the first bus to Oxford. Bookingabus.com is the best place to find affordable prices for professional coach hire service. Just call us on 0148 331 9133 and we will get you there. You will thank us later!


From a coach, by foot or by bike – there is no difference how you will approach your trip within Oxford. There are magical spots literally on each and every corner and the last thing you want is to miss something. In Oxford, each building, street or park has its own story. Located less than 100 km away from London, Oxford is easy to reach by all types of transportation. But the fastest and most comfortable one is by bus. Bookingabus.com will help you hire a coach to and from Oxford’s city centre and will save you time that you can later on spend on sightseeing or visiting museums, galleries and much more. And as we are on the topic of sightseeing, although it is quite sure that once you get there, you will completely forget sticking to your plan, let’s have a look at some of Oxford’s must-sees – you know, just in case. And don’t forget your camera!


If you plan on visiting Oxford, make sure that you have plenty of time because the last thing you want is to leave this magical place without exploring some of its beauties. Apart from the university campus, which in fact is an architectural masterpiece, there are other amazing places where you can start your journey from. For example – the Bodleian Library which is the second biggest in the UK with more than 11 million works. Make sure to stop by the Oxford Museum of Natural History – you and your kids will love it. The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, alongside with the medieval Oxford Castle, located in the centre of the city, are just a tiny part of the 1500 listed buildings from different periods of the British architectural history, located in Oxford and worth visiting. And if, at some point of your trip, you feel tired, grab a drink and head to one of the amazingly picturesque green areas. If they you need more of that then make sure to visit the Harcourt Arboretum – Oxford’s botanic garden. Your camera will fall in love with it.


If you want to follow the steps of Harry Potter, make sure to check Bookingabus.com and book your tickets to Oxford. We will make sure to take you to the city centre comfortably and at the best prices possible. And once you get there, you will understand why Oxford is magic. The centre of the city looks like it has come out of a fairy tale. If you start wondering why much of the surroundings already look familiar to you, without ever being to Oxford, that is because this place is a firm favourite of filmmakers. It has inspired dozens of famous authors and writers too. And now it’s time for Oxford to inspire you. Get ready for an amazing journey and an unforgettable experience that starts at Bookingabus.com.

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