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Everything you need to know about bus rental

Yes. The bus will arrive about 10-15 minutes before departure to the specified start address (and possibly return address). This means that there is plenty of time to load the bus with luggage as well as boarding the bus without you having to hurry in order for the departure to take place on time.

You are not allowed to consume alcohol on board unless it is agreed otherwise. Small deposit might be needed.
• Please contact our customer service for more infomation.

All prices include: VAT, fuel, wages, driving and rest periods and other fees. If the price includes any bridge, ferry and/or road tolls it will be specified by the bus operator. In case you have requested a quote, it will also appear if the price includes food and lodging for the driver.

Sometimes our system does not recognise the typed address. This may be due to a "place name" which we do not know of. You should instead try typing the address instead. Another reason may be because the system cannot find the house number. In this case, try to enter the address without a house number. Does that not work either? Try to start with the postal code instead of the start address.

At Bookingabus we show prices on rental busses from many different bus operators. All bus operators determine their own prices on their buses. That is the reason why smaller buses can sometimes be more expensive than larger buses - this is quite normal. There may also be a difference between the buses in terms of quality. We recommend you to look at past ratings of the buses.

You can rent your next bus by clicking 'Coach hire'. Here you can enter information about date. time and destinations and we will provide you with prices on rental buses in that area.

Yes, we calculate a number of price options for you, so you can choose the offer that suits you the best.

The offers for the buses rental through is completely free-of-charge and non-binding. If you decide to book a bus you can do that immediately.

At Bookingabus you can rent all types of buses, ranging from mini bus to double-decker buses. The more people you are, the bigger the bus, you can choose. Read more about rental of mini and double-decker buses. Should the number of passengers exceed one bus? Simply book an extra!

You can find any type of bus through us. Ranging from mini bus and coaches to double-decker buses and VIP-buses. Read more about the different bus types here.

No, you determine the address of the start and end destination.

Yes, we can also help you find offers on bus rental when going abroad. Read more about going abroad by bus and send a request here.

You will receive the first offer shortly after you have submitted your request up. Usually it to a few hours after you have made a request depending on time of day. You can expect to receive about 3-5 offers within the first 24 hours.

Both date and time as well as as the length/duration of the bus trip can be of influence when we calculating the price of your coach and bus hire.

Try to check if you have entered the correct information. Some times it occurs that the start and end time for the bus trip are the same.

All types of coach and bus hire through includes a driver. We do not offer bus rental without driver.

To give you the best experience, we need your details so we can contact you - if necessary - in order cancellable the best possible deal for your coach and bus hire.

Yes, you simply select the offer and follow the instructions, which allows you to quickly and easily book the bus.

On you can pay online as soon as you have booked the bus. We accept the following payment methods: credit card, VISA, Master Card, PayPal, VISA Electron.

Yes, you can wait with the payment up to 10 days before departure.

No, it is not possible to buy single tickets.

The bus arrives five minutes before your entered time of departure, so you have time to get all passengers and luggage on board. The bus will pick you up at the agreed meeting point.

In case the bus - unexpectedly - does not show up at the specified place or time, please do not hesitate to contact us on tel.: +44 2036301710

Each seat on the bus has room for a so-called 'carry on' suitcase or hand luggage. In case you need more space, please do not hesitate to contact us about renting a trailer for extra suitcases.

Yes, you can get in touch with your operator both before and during the trip. We make sure to exchange contact information between you and the bus operator, so you can update each other on potential changes and/or queries.

Yes, due to the fact that all our buses include driver, we live up to the responsibility to comply with all requirements in terms of driving/rest times.

Basically, we do not calculate with stops on the trip. However, on longer trips stops may be necessary due to demands regarding driving and rest time. These stops will of course be included in the price.

Buses equipped with the facility "toilet" on board will be at your disposal free of charge.

Smoking inside the bus is not allowed.

Some buses have access to free Wi-Fi. Read more about the different types of buses here.

Yes, you can easily have multiple stops on your bus trip and have the bus waiting for you. Note that the operator will charge an additional DKK 200.00 per 15 minutes for the wait. Simply click 'Should the bus wait?' and enter the destination furthest away from the starting point when typing in the information for your coach and bus hire.

Once you have paid the invoice submitted for your coach or bus hire, you will not be charged anything. Though, if you - against all expectations - should have occurred damage to the bus, or contributed to additional cleaning, you can be charged for this.

After the trip you will receive an e-mail where you can share your thoughts on the trip with us and help making our service even better in order for you to achieve the best deal every time you book through us.

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