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General information on luggage in buses

It can be difficult to describe how much luggage space is in buses as luggage sizes can vary. We therefore recommend that you always ask for advice if you need to have luggage on your trip. Below, we have put together a guide of roughly how much space there is in some of the vehicles we provide.

Different bus versions

For each bus type there are many different models and sizes, some are high buses with extra large luggage spaces, which are built for trips where there is a lot of luggage. Others are more regular buses, where the luggage compartment is smaller, but there is still space.

In minibuses such as mercedes sprinter, available in 5-8 different versions, there are different sizes of luggage compartment, depending on the seat configuration and whether there is a lift.

Smaller coaches for up to 30 people are also available in different models, some are low other higher. Therefore, how much luggage they can take can vary.

It also depends on how much additional equipment is available in the buses, for example. Driver bed, stairs, toilet, kitchen facilities etc.

Just like buses, there are suitcases and bags in the different shapes and sizes, and it can therefore be difficult to determine the number the vehicles can hold. If you have a lot of luggage or equipment such as golf clubs or skis, you can buy a trailer or ski-box that can give more space.

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Bus types and trailer

Minibuses 12 - 22 persons

Minibuses do not usually tend to have luggage space, in some models there is room for maybe 1 piece of hand baggage / trolley case per. Person. Some large minibuses have separate luggage compartment with space for 1 suitcase per person.

Small / between coaches up to 30 people

There are luggage compartments in most buses and as a starting point there is room for 1 trolley suit per. Person, or max 15 big suitcases. In some 28-30 person buses there is room for 1 suitcase per. person.

Tourist coaches up to 59-65:

There is a luggage room in all buses where there can be 1 suitcase per person. Some larger models may be able to take more luggage.

Double decks up to 85

There are luggage compartments in all double deckers capable of taking 1 suitcase and 1 hand luggage per person.


Trailers are sometimes available depending on which bus type is being driven.

Trailer for minibus: length 2.4 metres, wide 1.35 metres, height of 1.55 metres. A total of 5 cubic metres, max. Loading weight: 800 kg.

Trailer for tourist bus: length 2.6 metres, width 1.4 metres, height 1.8 metres. A total of 6.5 cubic metres, max. Wheel weight: 1200 kg.

Extra large trailer for tourist bus: length 3 metres, width 2.10 metres, height 2.10 metres. Total 15 cubic metres, maximum load weight 2100 kg.